Booking process

Staff can schedule a recording of teaching activities or wider University activities in supported venues. Recordings are made available in the Lecture Capture system.

Recordings for centrally timetabled lectures do not need to be booked; any alterations to the timetable will automatically adjust the recording schedule.

Staff at the University of Melbourne are welcome to schedule a recording of other teaching activities (e.g. seminars or tutorials), or wider University activities (public seminars, departmental meetings, conferences and guest presentations). Once processed, a recording will be generated and accessible from the requesting staff member's Lecture Capture Library.

Staff can schedule any bookings following the process below:

  1. Check whether your venue is supported for the use of Lecture Capture.
  2. Log in to the Lecture Capture Schedule Assistant tool to create a new recording schedule.
  3. Once confirmed in the tool, the recording will start automatically at the scheduled time. Venues with touch panels will show the recording status when the session has started.
  4. Staff and students can access recordings in the Lecture Capture link in the LMS, or directly in the Lecture Capture system.

For more information, please see the booking and accessing public seminars and events guide.