New Lecture Capture experience 2018

As of 19 February 2018, the University launched a new version of the Lecture Capture system (Echo 360). The new version provides a range of additional functionality which will help enhance student learning and staff usability.

Key changes impacting staff and students

In Semester 1, 2018 the new Lecture Capture Experience launched with the below features being introduced:

  • An increase in recording quality to HD (720p)
  • A new interface for staff and students to view, playback and download recordings
  • A new link inserted in LMS subject menus to a Lecture Capture page - teaching staff can edit the availability of this link to students
  • New Learning Analytics tab for staff
  • Ability for students to anonymously flag ‘points of confusion’ within the lecture recording. Staff can view these Confusion Flags in the recording if desired.
  • Students can add bookmarks and take study notes in the system, creating system-generated personal study guides

As part of our ongoing Lecture Capture improvement works, we are pleased to announce support for the following new functionality in Semester 2, 2018:

  • Add interactive activities such as polls, quizzes and media slides in your uploaded presentations
  • Q&A discussions within your live lectures or within the recordings
  • Upload your own Closed Captions to recordings
  • Single Sign On integration to access the system directly outside of the LMS
  • Echo360 mobile app - watch, listen and interact with lecture recordings on a smartphone, both on and offline

More information

Guides, training and consultation are available to support the effective adoption of these new Lecture Capture features. For further information or assistance, please submit a Lecture Capture support request or refer to the following help guides:

Lecture Capture is a learning technology service provided by Learning Environments