Self help user guides

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Getting started guide for staff Guide to logging on and general navigation of the Lecture Capture system as well as viewing and downloading recordings. Go
Managing recordings This guide details how to use some of the extended functionality of Lecture Capture, including managing, editing and copying recordings. Go
Analytics This guide provides an overview of the Lecture Capture systems' Analytics section, as well as best practice for viewing and using the information provided. Go
Booking and accessing public seminars and events This guide outlines the process for requesting and accessing ad hoc recordings such as public seminars, departmental meetings, conferences and guest presentations in enabled venues. Go
Link to recordings in the LMS Change the location of the default Lecture Capture link, create a link directly to individual recordings or create Lecture Capture links to recordings in other subjects. Go
Pause and stop recordings You should pause Lecture Capture recordings whenever you present copyright material or confidential information, and stop recordings whenever you finish a lecture early or hold personal discussions at the end of a lecture. Go
Presentations, interactive activities and embedded media This guide outlines how to use the Presentations feature of the Lecture Capture system, including polls, quizzes and embedded media. Go
Confusion Flags The Confusion Flag feature allows students to anonymously mark a segment of the recording or presentation. Staff can review analytics to see where students have flagged confusing content. Go
Q&A discussions The Lecture Capture Q&A feature allows staff and students to engage in discussions relating to your recordings and presentations Go
Personal Capture Echo360 Personal Capture lets you record content anywhere, any time, using a personal computer. Students can stream or download your recordings at their convenience using the LMS. Go

Lecture Capture is a learning technology service provided by Learning Environments